Packing for your Trip to Shooting Star Camp – Train-in adventure

With over 35 years experience we have seen gear arrive in just about every condition imaginable. To avoid damage and for ease of transportation, we encourage you to pack in the following manner.
We strongly recommend that whenever possible you pack using standard 13 gallon Rubbermaid or Roughneck totes with lids.  These not only provide adequate space but also address dependability and weatherproofing.  You will not have to worry about boxes rupturing or gear spilling.  Lids must be secured to your totes.  We recommend that you drill the lids and handles and insert cable ties through the holes; you may also duck tape the lids to the totes.  

Please keep individual tote weight to 50 lbs. or less.  Coolers should be kept to a maximum weight of 50 lbs.  Do not bring the huge Igloo ice chests.  They are very difficult to load and unload from the train, and they do not efficiently fit into the ATV trailers.

Duffle and sleeping bags should be weather proofed to avoid any inconvenience.  All fishing rods should be packed in hard-shell caddies or tubes.  

In keeping with our wilderness environment, we have a NO GLASS BOTTLE RULE.  Beverages such as beer, pop, and juice, should all be in aluminum or plastic containers, only.  You should pack your beverages in a tote or covered in black plastic bags and duck taped several times (in 2 case lots, only!).  

All non-biodegradable garbage is to be transported back out on the train with you.  Pack a sufficient amount of garbage bags to contain all your garbage.  Make sure you get the strongest Hefty bags possible, because you don’t want the garbage leaking onto your good gear or the train floor.   

All gear should be clearly marked with:  your group name, Shooting Star Camp, and your drop off destination (either Metagama or Sinker Siding mileage 40.6 West End).  You should have an accurate count of how many bags/totes you have and be sure to count them when you get off the train.

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