“I have taken 2 fishing trips to Shooting Star Camp. It is, without a doubt, some of the best fishing and scenery in the world. If you are looking for a remote fishing trip, this is the one for you.”

Mike Beaver – Columbus, Ohio  

I wanted to tell you what a great time we both had at Shooting Star Camp at the end of July.

The adventure of the train ride in – to the experience of staying in an almost 100 year old cabin was truly satisfying. We were looking to get away from it all and you delivered but with the comforts of home including a warm shower, fridge and propane stove.

We caught delicious walleye – had fun battling smallmouth and had difficulty keeping hard-hitting pike off our lines ….the fishing was really amazing! The fishery is very healthy and we wanted to keep it that way by returning all but a few walleye with which we had an extremely tasty dinner.

Seeing and hearing Bald Eagles was a once in-a lifetime experience.  Shane your “guided tour” of the area to show us where to catch fish was invaluable. It enabled us to get on fish quickly and then allowed us to explore other areas where we couldn’t help but be successful catching fish.

It all ended much too soon and we can’t wait to come back next year to further explore fishing areas we know and to fish new areas as yet undiscovered.

Best Wishes, Dave and Pete Tupholme

The boys and I completely enjoyed our father/son fishing trip. We found the location, cabin, boats/motors, etc. all to be perfect…. Your pointers on fishing holes were great to save us a lot of time blindly testing areas and gave me some basis to explore other parts of the river as well. All in all we landed over 100 fish and had countless others escape before they could be pulled into the boat…. All that in just five days of fishing!!  We have a number of pictures and even more memories to treasure from our trip. The fishing , bald eagles, beavers, loons, moose tracks, etc. were quite exciting for the boys.

The next time we will be taking a fishing trip to Canada, you can be assured you’ll be our first call! You have stirred my curiosity about archery moose hunting as well, which is something I’ve thought about doing since my rifle moose hunt.

Scott C. Konwinski – Edinboro, PA

Hi Shane, Betsy and Mack,

Just a note to say thank you for your Northern Hospitality that made our trip very enjoyable!
We were amazed at everything that your camp had to offer. The fishing was truly amazing, easy to figure out and having the variety of the 2 lakes available to us filled our days with activity and kept things interesting. Your camp was well appointed with everything we needed and very comfortable. The boats and motors were in excellent condition and we enjoyed the convenience of having them available for us on both lakes. The train trip gave us a different perspective and showed us parts of Ontario that we never see with rivers and small towns along the way. The trails and scenery were great! We know it sounds too good to be true but it was!

Steve and I also enjoyed chatting with you all and getting to know you. Betsy was a big help with our gear and getting us orientated…she works too hard! We hope to see you next year for sure!

Warren & Steve Newmarket & Stroud, Ontario

“After 20+ years of moose hunting in different lodges and areas in Ontario we finally hit just what we were looking for at Shooting Star Camp! An outfitter that is honest, knows his business, knows his area, good equipment, seclusion and not afraid of getting in the bush to show you the country and the honey holes. This was why our group took a 52” Bull in the first hour of opening morning and why we will be returning to Shooting Star Camp in 2011.”

Brian Kirk – Harrowsmith ON 

This was Jen’s and my first time together on an isolated/north country fishing trip. Until she had spent some time on the river she hadn’t realized that she really had no idea what “fishing” was all about.Until our trip up there this past summer Jen really thought it would be a relaxing week of sitting in the boat – imagine her surprise when she found out that there was little time to do anything in the boat but reel in walleye and bass!!! We did not rig a single piece of live bait all week and stuck with some simple 3″ multi-color grubs and jigs. We boated well over 75 fish, posted about 3-4 hours of water time on average per day and hooked into more than 100 fish in total (the small mouth in that river are particularly feisty and we lost a couple of trophies right at the side of the boat.

Needless to say, the fishing was incredible and we were able to move and stay on top of them for most of the week. The accommodations were excellent and we couldn’t have asked for a more secluded and quiet setting. I’ve been on a number of fishing trips to various places across the province and I can say that Shooting Star delivered the same quality of fishing that you’d see 7 hours further north – I couldn’t be more impressed.Your camp will be at the top of my list for the next trip.

Cheers and kind regards, Matt and Jenna Toronto ON 

“A terrific wilderness experience with an outfitter who cares! The boats, motors, lodgings and spectacular surroundings were all we could ask for and more. Our gang has found a great place to holiday and made a new friend. Thank You Shane and Shooting Star Camp.”

John Potter – Perth Road, ON

“This year my passion for the outdoors met its match at Shooting Star Camp. I’ve been on trips out west for birds, mule deer, and elk and have had some spectacular experiences, whether it was taking horses into the wilderness of Idaho or hunting pheasants over my pointer in Iowa. However, none could hold a candle to the experience I had at Shooting Star Camp.

When we weren’t hunting, we were fishing or sitting around a bonfire gazing into the night sky. Instead of waking up to an alarm clock, we were waking up to the wail of a loon swimming off in the distance. After my Uncle shot his bear, on the third day of our hunt, I was sure I wanted to come back next year. Shane and I continued to hunt the rest of the week and on the last day of my hunt I harvested my bear. The peace of mind, along with the outstanding guide service cannot be put into words.

This is why I am anxiously, anticipating next years hunt with Shane. Shooting Star Camp really does make outdoor dreams come true.” 

Greg Henzler East Amherst , New York 

Northern Ontario Bear Hunt – My brother and I had been up to Shooting Star Camp a couple of times previously on fishing trips and had discussed with Shane the possibility of a Bear Hunt. Shane told us he would be happy to work with us and do everything he could to ensure that my brother and I would have a great trip and that if we all worked hard enough as a team we might both possibly get bears.

In September that statement came true and we both went home with Bears.  The best part of the trip WAS in our working together, sharing our knowledge and efforts to achieve our common goal … Shane is very passionate about the outdoors and preserving the wonderful natural resources at Shooting Star Camp which provided the basis and perfect backdrop for our adventure. Shane was both comfortable with and appreciative of our participation in assisting in baiting the sites as well as modifying a site, where my brother Peter would eventually bag his bear.  All of the sites were well chosen, maintained and showed bear activity, and our personal involvement and participation in the pre hunt, only added to our enjoyment and sense of accomplishment.

We both had a great time as our photo’s and memories reflect and we can’t wait for the next Fishing/Hunting trip we take at Shooting Star Camp because it sure won’t be a disappointment thanks to the kindness and generosity of Shane and Betsy and the amazing experience they try to provide their guests.

Dave & Peter Tupholme Hamilton, Ontario

“My first ever week long fishing excursion was up to Shooting Star Camp.There I got to meet Shane and his wonderful family. I’m going back for my 7th year this year, and I have no reason to look for another outfitter or location to go. At Shooting Star Camp I know exactly what I’m going to get – peace and quiet, great sights, all sorts of wildlife and of course terrific fishing. We never have a problem with shore lunch or catching our limit. With so much water to fish you can’t go wrong.”

Rich Kozub, Toronto ON 

“The week we spent on the Spanish River was great.The train ride in was breathtaking with lots of terrific photo opportunities. Whether fishing for Northern pike or pickerel on the Spanish or walking into hike lakes for bass meant everyday could be different. The cabin on Long Lake was very comfortable and spacious. When my wife wanted to stay behind for R&R the deck was the perfect spot for sunning and reading.  My brother still raves on about the great time he had for the 5 days we spent there in 2009. He describes it as his trip of a lifetime. Fresh caught pickerel can’t be beat for a meal at the end of an enjoyable day.My wife and I have booked two weeks this year [2011] in order to fully enjoy all that there is to do. I definitely want to spend more time on some of the other walk-in lakes as a week just isn’t enough to do justice to all the different lakes. We haven’t been disappointed on any our previous trips and are really looking forward to this years not only for the fishing but for the opportunity to meet and talk with you and your wonderful wife.”    

Jim Fortune – Beeton, Ontario 

This year will be my 5th trip to Shooting Star Camp. We keep coming back year after year because of the great hospitality and the great fishing. The cabin is clean and outfitted with everything we need to make our trip a great time. The boats are ready for us to get out on the water and there is such a variety of areas to fish, that you always find new spots to catch fish. For a week there are no distractions, just fishing, eating, fishing, watching the wildlife, fishing, watching the stars and fishing. The scenery is rugged and beautiful. The summer just wouldn’t be complete without a visit so see Shane and Betsy. Oh and did I mention the great bass, pike and walleye fishing?

Stefan Jackson – Sarnia, ON 


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