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Spanish River Fishing Trips

At Shooting Star Camp we offer our guest a variety of fishing opportunities and experiences that will make every trip an enjoyable one. Whether you prefer golden walleye, hard hitting northern pike, acrobatic smallmouth bass or deep water lakers, we have something for everyone.

Our remoteness and the quality of our area ensures that our fishing is definitely above average. The Spanish River is a fisherman’s paradise. Its dark waters, deep pockets, weed growth and mud flats provide ideal habitat and unlimited fishing opportunities. 

Have you looked at fly-in fishing trips, but found that you are limited by the amount of people or weight you can bring? Fly-in fishing trips can be expensive, but have you considered a train in option where you can get the remote fishing opportunities that you desire.  Are you tired of fishing in areas where there are too many people fishing there? Our lakes many of which have less fisherman per season than some lakes in a weekend continue to provide our guests with memorable thrills as well as mouth watering fish dinners.

If uncrowded waters, hungry fish, soaring eagles and good times are what you’re looking for, we invite you to join us.


northern ontario pickerel or walleye

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